QSAccess, LLC is a privately-held company founded in 2001 to deliver and operate robust, cost-effective applications for businesses.

We provide our customers the ability to reap the benefits of using modern technology without incurring the expense typically associated. By delivering this technology as a service, we manage the development, deployment and on-going operation of the technology. Our customers simply use the applications we design to meet their custom needs.

We want our customers to consider us their Information Technology department and our processes reflect that attitude.

The initial QSAccess applications, Calendar, Contact Management and Electronic Mail, were made available in April 2002.

Appointment Scheduling was made available in October 2002 to allow businesses to share schedules (store/office/personal) between multiple users and locations.

Opti-Schedule and Opti-Reminders are made available during 2003 to allow retail optical firms to increase office efficiency, patient loyalty and profitability.

Since 2009, we have been able to provide customized mobile applications connecting to web applications. By focusing on iPhone and iPad solutions, we have been able to deliver solutions quickly.

All applications were developed in-house by QSAccess personnel and designed to be easy to use and support.

The success of QSAccess is measured by the satisfaction of our customers. That sole metric drives our business decisions and processes.